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How to Install a Watersoftener

Limescale, or hard water, is the leading cause of death for appliances, kettles, and water boilers. Limescale removal is difficult and often impossible if it’s not too late. It is best to not descale. There are many water filters that you can use. A water softener installed at your main water supply will provide the best protection for your home and appliances. Depending on the size of your household water softeners at home depot can cost anywhere from 300 to 700 Pounds.

Planning Your Installation. Be sure to follow the water regulations. You must ensure that there is only one main water supply and that the unit has enough space to allow salt filling or maintenance. You should check the water pressure and locate the main water supply stopcock.

Water Pressure Test. It is essential to perform a pressure test. High and low water pressures can cause damage or even failure to the softener. The softener has been pressure tested. However, it is recommended that you fit a pressure limiter if your pressure exceeds 5 bar (70 PSI). Also, any water appliance should be fitted with a leak detector.