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Buy a Combi Oven In 5 Steps

The cost of purchasing a combo oven (Combi Oven), can be one of your largest expenses as a commercial cook. It is essential that you make the right investment. These 6 points are important to keep in mind as you consider making that decision on combi oven countertop.

* Features: The machine can be pre-programmed with preset menus or it can “clean itself”. These and many other features are available from experienced combi oven manufacturers.

* Services: You can use electric or gas to power your combi oven. Electric models require a 3-phase supply. Each electric model generates steam and requires at least 1x15mm cold water. Last but not least, a drain should be considered. While the waste outlet of some units may be very small, others will require an air brake/tundish to fit.

* Accessories are required to make the combi oven work properly. These accessories include plate racks and trolleys that can be used for regen cooking, as well as stacking kits and stands.

* Ventilation. All Combi Ovens should be located under an extraction canopy. If this is not possible some manufacturers make ovens with built-in ventilation like the Hans Dampf HoodIn (MKN). MKN, like other premium brands, offers an extractor hood that can be fitted to most of their units. This allows you the flexibility to install the oven anywhere you want it.

* Access: While this might seem basic, remember that most combi ovens tend to be large and heavy. Check that the oven will fit in your kitchen. It’s not funny if your expensive new oven is stuck in the door frame halfway up two flights.

* Reliability. This is the most important point of our 6 point guide. MKN Hans Dampf models have been fitted in marine environments since no one wants to say that 600 oil rig workers can’t eat because the oven’s broken. Rational ovens have a 2-year warranty. They do this because they are confident that the oven will not fail. Both brands offer real benefits and peace of heart.