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Shamanic healing can restore our life force and soul loss

Soul Retrieval is something many of us have heard of. It’s the return of soul fragments (or other parts) that we have lost. Soul Retrieval was a traditional shamanic practice. It was used in some communities as the primary way to maintain power and health. The term soul is used to describe our life-force. According to shamanic terms, the soul is a composite of many’souls. This helps explain why we can become fragmented. Shipibo – Conibio Indians (Upper Amazon Rainforest) consider all parts of our bodies to be souls. Hands, arms, glands, bone, legs, brain, etc. are all considered souls. A part of their healing practices is to seek out the soul of a specific body part, in order to heal on the physical level. For more info you can look at here.

In the shamanic view of power and maintaining healthy health, there is no place for illness or diseases that are considered invasive. One of the many meanings of power in English can make you feel uncomfortable. The shamanic definition of power is power over yourself, not others. More power means we can live our lives freely without being held back by others.

Soul Retrieval is a method to restore and preserve our life force and energy. It is also a means of receiving our own life-force. You can also keep your life-force intact by not letting go of anyone. Our lives are filled with energy, and we sometimes take it. Soul Theft can be described as something many find difficult to comprehend. It is something we all do. It can be seen as the opposite side of Soul Retrieval.

Soul-theft can happen in a generation, and it often happens in relationships. However, it is unconscious and the person may feel very upset if they knew what they were doing.

This article demonstrates how people can take their life force or steal it.

– When we become jealous of the power or status of another person.

– Someone has the power / energy that another person desires

– A person’s identity is what another person desires. This could also apply to when we idolise or idolize someone.

– Judgement is the most common way to get another person’s power.

– When we become too dependent on someone because we are ‘over’ caring for them. It can lead to the person’s loss of strength and their will to support themselves.

There are many problems soul-theft can create.

– The person whose life force has been diminished is the one who was taken.

Relationships can be ‘hung on’ to, creating difficult, ragged, unsatisfactory finishes.

– Someone who takes someone else’s life-force and cannot use it in any other way becomes a burden. Participants at Soul-release workshops, who have experienced this in various ways, described it as “the taken soul pieces felt like I had “barnacles” on the hulls of ships that were holding me back and weighing me down”, while another participant stated “it felt like my body was covered with clinging leaves, seeds, and leaves.”

Sometimes we may take on the’shadow’ of another person and find ourselves having to work with someone else’s emotions, which can be uncomfortable.

Returning someone’s life-force to them can bring many benefits to everyone. This act can be very powerful and healing. It works at many levels. This work is a rewarding one. People tell me that relationships are improving and changing between parents, children, and partners. For simplicity, I view this as a tug of war. Both parties pull on the rope and the person who gives back the other’s life force, which is effectively letting go of the rope, replies that there is no longer rope to pull or pressure on.